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Outsourcing? A difficult subject by virtue of implication – jobs.

Not the case - we all outsource functions. Anderson Baillie prefer to see outsourcing as the acquisition of skills that are not currently available within your current marketing function or because you have insufficient funds or activities to employee internally on a long-term basis.

Is your company experiencing any of the following situations?

  • International territory development, looking for support and guidance
  • Business start up in need to missing marketing skill
  • In need of professional marketing expertise
  • Requirement for some interim skills and resource
  • In need of strategic advice and guidance
  • Requirement for short or medium term delivery manpower
  • Assistance with managing your channel operations
  • Would like to outsource your lead generation process

Outsourced Marketing

Outsourcing the market function.

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It is just such a circumstance where an external outsourced option can become a commercial and strategic option as professional marketing services can be quickly and flexibly deployed to build strategy, align sales and marketing programmes be they brand or demand generation orientated.

Anderson Baillie Outsourced Marketing are able to provide assistance with their specialist outsourcing services.

    Anderson Baillie Implants

      An expert when you need one, for as long as you do - not a company. Many companies may wish to bolster their internal marketing resource, which is missing through market downsizing pressures or simply to fill temporary leave situations. In these cases an Anderson Baillie implant expert can be recruited for an agreed duration to deliver either strategic and planning assignments or to assist with more tactical delivery projects (visit

    See how Anderson Baillie’s Marketing Implants have brought back happy days for Tough Times Inc.

    Consultants Warehouse

      An extension of our Anderson Baillie Implant programme. Anderson Baillie, through its Consultant Warehouse initiative has access to a variety of marketing and sales skills with very specific experience. This is particularly useful for companies launching in new international or highly technical markets where specialised knowledge is required. This enables Anderson Baillie to offer our New Market Fast Track approach to company set-up.

    Managing the Channel

      Making the channel work is a difficult task, it requires specialist skills above and beyond traditional marketing and is perfect for outsourcing in an Anderson Baillie Channel Management programme. Whether the goal is product and service awareness or revenue generation, Anderson Baillie will help develop the channel strategy, apply business plans in alignment with channel teams and then manage, deliver and co-ordinate the communications plans through to their entirety; including any co-operative funding plans that will be matched to corporate targets. This leaves you to manage the relationships and not the administration.

    International Start-up

      When you start up in a new country such as the UK, it is often the sales teams that hit the ground first, generating the revenue, which then supports growth in pre and post sales support. Marketing comes some way down the line, yet it is leads and awareness, which supports quicker and more sustained growth. That’s when outsourcing via an International Start-up programme really works. Your marketing is brought online much quicker, no recruitment issues at the start but the option for introduction once successful is still there. Expertise to launch, grow and apply strategic direction for rapid growth.

      There are many more situations where outsource or in-source options become viable as clients realise that failure to excel in marketing can seriously affect the businesses ability to progress in highly competitive markets.

      Anderson Baillie Managed Services offer access to multi-discipline teams of B2B marketing professionals. Additionally operating via a managed service basis provides further opportunity to streamline the supply chain of marketing activities that need to then be deployed.

      Service contracts can be agreed on a fixed term basis with accountability and performance clauses built in.

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    To find out more about how Anderson Baillie Outsourced Marketing programmes can develop your major accounts call us now on +44 (0)1925 217250
    Outsourced Marketing Case Studies
    BASF IT Services Case Study - BASF IT Services Go-to-Market strategy – Breathing life back into Process - Click here to read this case study
    Anderson Baillie was approached by BASF IT Services early in 2003 to manage the marketing requirements for their launch into the European Process Industry market space.
    Azure (BT) Case Study - BT appoints Anderson Baillie in Managed Services deal - Click here to read this case study
    Anderson Baillie were contracted by BT (British Telecom) for 12 months, to manage the marketing functions for a new company from strategic planning, brand development and product marketing through to all aspects of marcomms delivery.