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ILD Model Lead generation isn't simply a matter of sales promotion. Research isn't simply a matter of data collection.

Both of the above are a foundation for analytical lead development where research and intelligence drives lead creation and strategic development.


  • Bundled ILD

    Microsoft and UGS

    Based around a PLM product lifecycle management proposition. The ILD research uncovered joint partner opportunities


    Features of Bundled ILD package:

    • One Proposition
    • Development & Research Framework
    • Field Research 100 Completed questionnaires
    • Intel Report
    • Knowledge Paper

    This is a research issue led market intelligence campaign. You choose product, service and market focus. The Anderson Baillie team of specialists will assist you with the development of a lead development proposition and research formula. We will research market opportunity and delivery to an agreed target audience. Completed questionnaires and an intelligence report will be compiled. This market intelligence will be developed into a management summary knowledge paper to be used whilst engaging with prospective clients supporting the sales and marketing functions of the business.


  • Bundled + ILD


    Connected prospect and user focused research into target named accounts

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    Features of Bundled ILD package:

    • Multiple Propositions
    • Extended Research
    • Reporting
    • Knowledge Papers

    Same process as Bundled ILD but with multiple product or market focus supported by linked propositions to create sustainable campaign environment.


  • Tailored ILD


    Campaign led research into the adoption of European MSPL network traffic management

    Download Case Study

    Features of Bundled ILD package:

    • Multiple Propositions
    • Extended Research & Reporting & Knowledge Papers
    • Direct Marketing
    • Web Engine
    • Other Comms
    • Events
    • Reporting
    • Programme Management
    • Key Account Planning

    Ongoing campaign programme deployment. Development of campaign strategy through to the implementation of a multi channel marketing and sales programme.

    Pricing on demand

  • Managed Service ILD  


    End to end lead development campaigning to prospects, customers and through channel partners

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    Features of Bundled ILD package:

    • Full Managed Lead Development Programme
    • Performance SLA

    An agreed programme of lead development activities, managed and governed by an agreed service level agreement. Based on a best practice adoption of the Intelligent Lead Development, the service agreement would be based on performance criterion.

    Pricing on demand

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ILD Case Studies
First Software Case Study - Virtual Town Hall - Click here to read this case study
As commercial and legislative pressure are forcing local authorities to consider how best to present their information and services, First Software, Oracle and Sun Microsystems formed a partnership to present a conference about taking Local Government.
Amdocs Clarify Case Study - See, Gain and Achieve Altogether More with Amdocs ClarifyCRM - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie launch See, Gain and Achieve More with Amdocs Clarify CRM. The primary objective was to target CSP prospects who represented the best opportunity to close business during their fiscal year whilst ensuring that business for the following year was not missed.