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Yin & Yang Marketing

Marketing Automation brings Inbound (Yin)
and Outbound (Yang) marketing together.

Anderson Baillie have been practicing marketing for over 20 years and have previously used good know how, data segmentation and the use and adaption of CRM systems to help join up the processes of marketing and sales.

But life has got a little easier with the advent of Marketing Automation, to manage more effectively, the marketing communication interface with customers and prospects.

So what can Marketing Automation (MA) and Marketing Automation System(MAS) do for your business.

Well in simple terms it can improve your marketing and sales performance – ultimately to retain more customers and win new ones to grow your business. In more detail what can MA do ? Well that requires a longer list of benefits.

  • Build Brand – through integrated and multi channel marketing
  • Understand your customers needs – by analysing their digital body language
  • Develop better relationships – making your communications poignant and personal
  • Sharpen your Sales process - filter and analyse profanities based on behaviour
  • Manage all marketing routes to market – through integrating Inbound & Outbound communications

To manage all this effectively requires a system platform which deliver the following tools and features.

  • Emarketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Website Optimisation
  • Lead Nuturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Website Tracking
  • Automated Programmes
  • Reporting & Analysis & Analytics
  • Integration to CRM and other marketing tools Webinars, Google, Events, Telemarketing and other offline activities

So yes all this is great but what you now need is a partner who can deliver all of this goodness in an efficient manner; a partner that can demonstrate the experience and know how to apply marketing strategy distilled into the tactical deployment to deliver the optimum marketing and sales results. This requires the market knowledge and services to fuel the MAS and to advise on the content and the communication strategy to be adopted.

  • Marketing Strategy planning
  • Inbound & Outbound planning
  • Data Management and segmentation
  • Content planning and production
  • Digital asset production
  • Digital asset management

We are confident that given the opportunity to engage with you, you will recognise Anderson Baillie as that partner – a partner that can demonstrate the experience of working across the full gamut of marketing and sales mechanisms; who has witnessed the evolution of new mechanisms and mediums; who can understand and advise you independently and agnostically; a partner you can trust to deliver the results and the promises that an enterprise MAS has the capability to harness.

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Integrated Marketing Case Studies
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The Anderson Baillie Projects team managed these events for the third consecutive year for SAP and its Retail partners attending Retail Solutions.
Intentia Case Study - Succeeding in a dramatically changing industry - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie was invited by Intentia to manage their marketing requirements for 2002, starting with the first FOODFACTS Forum which was held in the UK during May.