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Channel Management techniques and managed programmes

Host vendor, master distribution or reseller agent, whatever end of the channel you operate, Anderson Baillie has the collective experience to plan and deliver effective and accountable channel marketing and sales support programmes.

Working with Anderson Baillie Business Growth, channel goals can be determined to ensure any business development programmes remain on target and the collective interest of partners managed with the minimisation of conflict as possible.

Channel Management

Managing the indirect directly

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Anderson Baillie Business Growth

Anderson Baillie Business Growth provides the strategic thinking for input into all aspects of Channel strategy development, partner and reseller sourcing and recruitment, cooperative communication, lead development strategy and all forms of sales and marketing engagement.
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Anderson Baillie Projects

Anderson Baillie Projects operates in a deployment capacity to deliver channel development programmes, often acting in a virtual management capacity, serving the needs of all partners involved. These programmes and projects have encompassed all forms of lead generation and lead development activity from bespoke based programmes to fully managed services with detailed management and campaign reporting.

Channel Management Case Studies
SAP Case Study - Computers in Manufacturing Exhibition - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie continued its supplier relationship with SAP and its partners and in consecutive years from 1994 through to 1998 ran CIM integrated marketing programmes to support SAP and partner’s attendance at the exhibition.
SAP Case Study - Retail Solutions Exhibition - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie were one of several IT vendors/services companies to partner SAP as it continued to promote its solution approach to the Retail sector.